3 reasons you should book an engagement shoot

Today I am sharing some photos from the gorgeous Fiona & David’s engagement shoot. I really enjoy engagement shoots, it’s a great opportunity to get to know each other and help you get used to being in front of the camera 🙂 so if you’re thinking about booking an engagement shoot here are my topContinue reading “3 reasons you should book an engagement shoot”

Sharon and Verity

I am so excited to blog about one of my favourite weddings. Sharon and Verity were married in July at West Lodge Park Hotel in London. The sun shone, the venue was beautiful and there were tears of joy, love and laughter. One of my favourite things as a photographer is to be able toContinue reading “Sharon and Verity”

6 reasons to book a professional wedding photographer

Why is it so important to book a professional wedding photographer? Weddings are expensive with lots of elements to plan and budget for so it can be tempting to cut costs. Especially when photography seems like such a big chunk of the budget. Is it really worth it? Can I save the money and ask oneContinue reading “6 reasons to book a professional wedding photographer”