6 reasons to book a professional wedding photographer

Why is it so important to book a professional wedding photographer? Weddings are expensive with lots of elements to plan and budget for so it can be tempting to cut costs. Especially when photography seems like such a big chunk of the budget. Is it really worth it? Can I save the money and ask one of my guests to take photos for me?

Now of course as a wedding photographer I am going to argue that having a professional photographer for your wedding is extremely important, after all it’s my job! But let me tell you why I think it’s so important:

1. Photography is more than just a good camera

Yes, good equipment is important, and your wedding photographer will have the professional kit they need to capture your day. But taking a good photograph is so much more, your photographer knows what settings to use for each scene, how to make the most of the light and how to produce a consistent set of photographs for your wedding album. Your wedding photographer has trained and spent many many hours practising their craft. 

And the work doesn’t stop when your wedding finishes, your photographer will spend time editing the images to their unique style.

2. They know exactly what they need to capture and when

They know how weddings run, they know where to be and when to capture all the details of the day. From getting ready, to exchanging vows and the first kiss, guests reactions and all the small details. Your photographer will anticipate what is about to happen. There is only one chance to capture all those moments and a professional wedding photographer will make sure to get these for you. So you don’t need to worry about a thing on the day.

3. They are not a guest

Your wedding photographer is there to observe and capture your day, you don’t need to worry about them getting distracted chatting to Uncle Steve or grabbing a round of drinks at the bar. And your photos won’t get drunker and blurrier as the night goes on! Let your guests be guests and enjoy the day while your photographer works away in the background.

3. Feel at ease

A good wedding photographer will make you feel comfortable. They will meet with you in advance to discuss the day and run through all the details. They will gently direct you to get the best out of your couples shoot so that you feel relaxed and natural. And for the rest of the day they will blend in to the back ground observing and capturing all those special moments.

5. Incase of emergency!

Your wedding photographer will have lots of back ups for the day: 

– Second camera incase something goes wrong? check
– Spare batteries and chargers? check
– Network of back up photographers incase they can’t get there on the day? check

6. Memories

Your wedding photographs will serve as a lasting memory of your day, long after the flowers have faded and the cake has been eaten, your photos will be preserved. A professional wedding photographer will tell the story of your day. You can look back and share those memories with your children and grandchildren.

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